IBM PCB Replacement Guide

To find the proper PCB Board match please make sure that the following items match on your Hard Drive / PCB Board to ensure the best results for hard drive data recovery.

Please remember... Never save a hard drive that has failed for reuse. Get your failed hard drive going again, save your data to another hard drive, and then recycle the failed hard drive. A failed hard drive has a serious chance to fail again or have future issues.

Numbers and images below are for reference only. Your drive will have different numbers.

1.) Model Number


2.) Part Number


3.) MLC (Machine Level Code)


4.) PCB Board Number

(07N7585 F80183D)


Please Note: When swapping PCB Boards, your drive should spin up, and might even recognize in the computer disk management. If your hard drive does not show up or allow you to access your files, you will be required to transfer the ROM chip (usually 8-Legged) from your board to the new board. ROM Chips are different on each drive and matching your PCB to the new PCB does not guarantee that you will be able to recover data without the chip transfer.

All of our PCB Boards have been tested and they are in working condition. So if your hard drive does not spin up after these attempts, you may have other issues with the drive.

If you have ANY questions, please ebay message us, we are quick to respond to your questions.