We are easy to work with.

  • Just be honest. If you found a better price, let us know where and we will try to match it. If you can't use it just tell us, because someone else might need that drive to save their families pictures. Or, If you ordered by mistake... no worries just let us know.
  • Return Time. We offer 60 day returns on all our hard drives and 30 day returns on all PCB Boards
  • Refund Time. We send a refund within 1-2days after we receive the return in good condition.
  • Please! Return items in the same condition as shipped. Use padding or packaging material, such as bubble wrap or crumbled newspaper wrapped around item to protect item during return. Return item in anti-static bag (if applicable), making sure to close or seal with tape. We ship well so you should be able to reuse materials.
  • No refund will be issued for any modified items (soldering, firmware transfer, hard drive cover removal, etc.) Not responsible for product that has, been damaged due to improper installation, or lost data, nor the cost to recover data.